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Revegetation and Commercial Landscaping Services

B&K Revegetation and Landscaping

B & K Revegetation & Landscaping, a leading commercial landscaping contractor, is a privately owned commercial landscaping company that commenced operations in 1983 on the Central Coast of New South Wales. In 2009, B&K expanded into Northern Territory due to the work demand presenting itself in the top end.

Having successfully completed contracts for local, state, territory and federal government bodies, private building corporations, airport corporations and mining companies, B&K are committed to and has the reputation for professional performance and quality workmanship in commercial landscaping and revegetation services. 

B&K revegetation and landscaping provide services from hydromulching ( hydromulch or hydroseeding ), erosion control, dust abatement, carbon offset tree planting, mine site rehabilitation and jute meshing in the revegetation industry through to commercial landscaping services.

Commercial Landscaping Services

Liaising with landscape architects, B&K deliver award winning commercial landscapes, unparalleled professionalism and attention to detail in all aspects of commercial landscaping works for housing sub-divisions, shopping centres, multi-storey buildings, golf courses, industrial estates, recreational sites, expressways and motorways, schools and accommodation facilities.

Revegetation Services

B & K has been in the revegetation industry for over 30 years, helping companies minimise the impact of mining and construction during the active life of construction sites and then rehabilitate sites once the construction phase is over.

With a solid background in the revegetation industry, B&K provides unrivalled expertise in a wide array of rehabilitation techniques including hydromulching / hydromulch, jute meshing, erosion matting, erosion control, dust abatement, strawmulching, carbon offset tree planting and mine site rehabilitation.

Hydromulching / Hydromulch

Hydromulching, also known as hydromulch, hydroseeding and hydro-mulching, is a technique used by revegetation contractors to distribute a formulated mix of seed and mulch across a relatively large area in a short amount of time.

B & K’s hydromulch is the most cost-effective erosion control and rehabilitation method available. To find out how B&K Revegetation's hydromulch can assist your next project, contact them today!

Commercial Landscaping and Revegetation Services

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